Imperfect Perfections

203 Southside Square,
Greensboro, North Carolina

Phone: 336-553-6099

For new business, contact:
Mission:  ​​​to glorify God in the marketplace

Vision:  to honor God, honor people and change communities through the arts

Decor for small events including but not limited to: Church groups & conferences, birthday parties of all ages, small weddings & receptions, baby showers, etc., are available.
Please see the contact page to inquire.

"Imperfect Perfections provided centerpieces for our Women's Bible Conferences and they were BEAUTIFUL! Conference attendees were impressed!"

"The proprietor is very professional, budget friendly, multi-talented, and serves customers graciously- going beyond expectations!"

Mrs. Brenda Atkinson
Women's Ministry Coordinator
WORD Fellowship Reformed Baptist Church

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