Imperfect Perfections

203 Southside Square,
Greensboro, North Carolina

Phone: 336-553-6099

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Mission:  ​​​to glorify God in the marketplace

Vision:  to honor God, honor people and change communities through the arts


"With Jesus impossibilites are possibilites in disguise"
Aurora Turner- Owner/Sole Proprietor   
Imperfect Perfections was born June 2015 out of adversity, rejection, pain and depression. While shopping in a local store with my mother, I noticed beautiful vases that were once expensive were drastically marked down because they were chipped or cracked. It made me think about my life and so many other's whose lives seemed to be summed as this- cracked, chipped, broken and discounted!

I began to buy these pieces and "fix them up" to highlight the blemishes and people loved the pieces! Same piece, same damage not hidden but now embraced! This is what Jesus has done with me and so many other "broken vessels". 

Imperfect Perfections is a place of hope to those that feel useless because of life events. Beautifully broken people, pieces and budgets are welcomed through our door! 

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